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Are you getting enough 'Me time'?

Are you taking enough me time?

It’s so amazing constantly being around people wherever you go, at work, at home, in your free time but sometimes we can forget about having some  ‘me time’ time to bond with yourself, relax and do something just for you.

Scheduling me time can be so beneficial to so many things it can:


Improve your mental health

With so many things going on in your head everyday from work to personal life taking a bit of ‘me time’ can help you process all those thought and emotions without them getting jumbled up in one big ball and stuck to the back of your brain.

Help avoid burnout

Burnout is becoming all too common nowadays and it's so important to try and avoid it at all costs. Taking 'me time' can prevent you hitting that burning wall. It's super important to get some time for yourself and to switch off.

You'll become more productive

Although taking time for yourself may seem unproductive when you have such a busy schedule, it actually does the opposite. Time for yourself allows you to unscramble your brain and re-charge in order to face all your other tasks in a much more productive way. 

You will learn about yourself 

You will learn so much about yourself by just spending a little bit of time by yourself just for you. You'll get to work out what you love doing, find a new hobby, what you want from life and so much more. 

You'll get the best ideas!

The best ideas always come to you when you're alone and doing something completely off subject, that proposal you've been working on for months at work? You could completely nail your plan just by spending a little time alone. 

Give it a go and see what you get from it! 

Here are some of the best ways to get in that me time.

Take a bath

If you're a bath lover this is one of the best ways to get me time in, even if you just jump in for half an hour, use your favourite bubble bar (We recommend the comforter by lush.) Put on some music on just relax! Even if you only get a spare 20 minutes it can be the perfect way to de-stress. 

Read a book

Reading a book can be a perfect way to get some me time because it gets you away from screens! so often we spend our free time sat on our phones, but how often do you get a notification from work out of hours, get a text from someone telling you all about someone else's drama, or see your ex's new girlfriend on instagram and instantly feel down. reading a book allows you to avoid all that and get your mind in a different place and switch off from the outside world. 

Setting new goals

Goal setting is a great thing to do during me time and will 100% leave you feeling more motivated and productive. Set some time to set out your weekly, monthly and long-term goals. No matter how small or big they may be they will set you up for the rest of the week and leave you feeling positive. 

Go for a walk 

Although you may feel weird at first going for a walk on your own, you will absolutely love it after your first go. Being outdoors , getting some fresh air is a perfect way to get some me time. You are left alone with your thoughts and you will open your eyes to so much more than your phone or things you're normally stressing about. Another tip is to consciously look up while walking, it may seem like an obvious thing but a lot of us subconsciously look downwards as we're walking and miss all the sites. It's great to really open your eyes and see whats infront of you. 

Listen to a podcast

Put on any podcast you enjoy, whether it's an inspirational one that makes you feel motivated or just a silly one that helps you switch off and enjoy yourself for half an hour. Podcasts can be a great way to zone out of everyday life and forget about all your stresses. 

Learn something new

Set yourself a challenge to learn something new. It may be something big like learning a new language or instrument or it could just be learning how to do a new makeup look by following a tutorial. Learning something new will leave you with a sense of achievement and will help you escape the outside world as you'll be concentrating on something new. 

Watch your favourite Youtuber 

yes you could simply just watch something on TV but I find watching a youtube video can be so much more relaxing and you can really get into it as you know it's something you're really interested in as you've gone out there and found what you love watching. There's so many out there from comedy youtubers to beauty gurus and you'll be sure to find one that suits you. 

Have a Duvet day

You could consider duvet days as lazy and a set back, but every so often it's so needed. D day on your sofa in your PJ's watching your favourite films tell me that doesn't sound like bliss? Have all your favourite foods, even treat yourself to a takeaway and have some fun! 

Always remember me time is absolutely vital in your day to day life and you should never neglect it. Schedule it into your planner this week and see how much more motivated, productive and most importantly happy you become.

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