Design Your Best Life Undated Daily Planner

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'Design Your Best Life' (2021 new and improved version) undated daily Planner Includes:

It's time for flexibility and less paper waste when planning! Our undated A5 (8.3 x 5.8 inches) daily planner contains:

54 undated colour coded weeks (4.5 weeks every month to keep it simple and ZERO waste!) and 12 undated colour coded months.

  • Date it yourself- no set dates, start and stop planning whenever you wish- zero waste and 100% flexibility!
  • Divided into 4 seasons with words of affirmation- The planner is split into 3-month segments to allow for reflection and improved organization.
  • Vertical undated weekly spreads- includes a rate my day, to-do lists, today's plan (sticker space, daily goals) and a time schedule from 6am-11pm!
  • 3-month Check-ins each season with questions/prompts to see how far you have come in 3 months and to set intentions.
  • Monthly Goals spread- Personal, Career, Financial and other goals to keep you manifesting
  • Monthly brain Dump- Divided into 4 sections to spill your mind out on paper.
  • Monthly mood tracker- AM and PM colour code yourself mood tracker to allow you to see how your mood fluctuates from morning to night everyday.
  • Monthly undated calendars with side budget and a list of priorities
  • Seasonal Habit Tracker- 3 habits each month to track each day for consistency and to keep yourself accountable. 
  • Morning and night routine spreads- From 5am-12pm map our your dream morning routine and make it a reality! From 5pm-12am map out your ideal night routine and see it come to life!
  • Bullet Journal pages Included


"I am in love with "Design your best life". The best thing for me is that it has three different and separated parts for every day. Even though they have a specified purpose, you can use them for whatever YOU need. That way I can plan my day, write my thoughts, best parts of that day... And everything else :)) I also love the "My Goals" page which is provided for each new month and of course - "3 month check in" is a real blessing. With only a few questions, the planner gives you insight into your growth, mental health, and feeling. Great! I have been using the planner for a short time, but it really gave me the power to stay on track, to achieve my plans, and to design my life (and this all comes from a planner-obsessed person). 🥰🥰" - Andra, Croatia

"I got my planner for Christmas and I love it so much! It really helps me clear my head having everything planned out and I love the design of all the pages 😍 will definitely be recommending it to all my friends who want to be more organised!" - Gemma, UK