February 14th is for the girls - GirlGottaChange

February 14th is for the girls

Who needs boys anyway? 

It's galentines season and we're here to share the best ways to celebrate! 

So what is galentines exactly? Well it's a day to celebrate all the amazing females in your life and your bonds together. It's a day of friendship whether that be between your besties or family members that support you everyday. It's a day for hyping each other up and showing how much they mean to you.

Instagram is usually filled with galentines posts of everyone shouting out their besties and the best bit is theres no limit on how many 'galentines' you can have unlike valentines. Whether you have a big girl gang or you've just got that one special soul mate get those posts at the ready and celebrate every single one! (cringeiness is most definitely accepted on galentines.) 


Okay so gifts most definitely aren't vital on galentines but if you wanted to treat your besties here are some ideas! 

Bakes! - Bake your besties some treats! Brownies, cupcakes anything you fancy! wrap them up in a little box and decorate with pictures of the both of you! it's a super sweet gift that wont break the bank and your girls will be so excited by how much thought has gone into it! 

Typical valentines gifts- They may be tacky but we all love them, the shops are filled with lovey dovey teddy bears, chocolates or even a mini colin the caterpillar! nothing says I love you more than a musical bear. 

A pamper box! - Fill a box with your besties favourite chocs, facemasks, skincare, movies! It would be a great gift to go along with a galentines sleepover! Every girl needs a pamper every now and again. This gift is sure to be a winner with anyone and can be catered for exactly who is buying. 

Gifts to help them better themselves - Help your girls level up. There are tons of things on the market to help you feel good about yourself and smash life! We may be biased but our Design Your Best Life planners are a perfect valentines gift! We've even got a little discount for you, use code LOVE20 for 20% off so you can treat all your besties. 

How to celebrate

Theres so many ways to celebrate galentines and it doesn't even need to be anything fancy. It's all about spending time together. 

A Sleepover - Theres nothing better than a girly sleepover to celebrate your friendship, pop your favourite girly chick flicks on (Only the best 2000's classics please. Angus Thongs and perfect snogging, Mean girls, Freaky Friday all the greats.) Get some popcorn out and order your fave takeaway! 

A date night - You don't need a partner to take you on a date night, do it for the girls. Head out to a fancy restaurant then finish the night with drinks in your favourite bars. 

Cook a meal - Invite your friends round for a galentines meal! you could even go the extra mile and put up some decorations! 

Whatever you're up to this Galentines have the most amazing day, you are loved by so many. 

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