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The Christmas Eve Post

EEEEEK only one more sleep until the big day! 

Hopefully you all have your out of office on, work is over and you're ready for the festivities. 

Your Christmas shopping should be done however if you're anything like me you're doing a last minute run round your local shopping centre gathering all the scraps no-one wanted because you forgot to buy for half your shopping lists presents. (How is there never anything left on Christmas eve yet on boxing day the store is filled with all the Christmas tat you could need?)

All your Christmas cards have been sent (apart from one for Auntie Julie thats actually fallen into the boot of your car and will probably remain there until 2023.)

Christmas films are ESSENTIAL today. A Christmas film marathon if you will. Elf, Home alone, The Holiday, whatever your favourites may be, make sure you watch them with the Christmas tree lit up, a cozy blanket and a creamy hot chocolate. Maybe some snacks too if they're not being saved for the big day and you can sneak them out of your mums cupboard.

It's time to get excited! and you know what this calls for? A picky tea. Now if you don't know what a picky tea is, let me tell you about the best meal of all time. A picky tea consists of variety of foods and can be catered to your own taste. Think buffet food, Cocktail sausages, some nice bread, a selection of dips and/or condiments, Sausage rolls, freezer food, maybe even a fancy cheese board. There are so many combinations to try and all are vital for a Christmas eve meal. Also a requirement for the boxing day feast. 

Now it's time for an early night (obviously after the obligatory mince pie.) So you can wake up super early and see what Santa's bought. (Manifesting that none of you receive a Lynx set this year.)

We hope you have the most amazing day tomorrow! You deserve it, We hope you spend it with loved ones and eat as much as possible.

We also just wanted to thank you for all your support for Girl Gotta Change this year. Whether you've bought a planner, liked a post or you're even reading this now. Your support means everything.

Have the best Christmas! X



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