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The Perfect Night Time Routine

Okay so despite the title of this blog post, I'm gonna start this off by saying the perfect night time routine doesn't exist. Every single person is different. While some people may prefer to go to bed at 9pm and get a good 10 hours sleep, others may be more productive after a 5 hour sleep. Whats important is trying what works for you. But we're here to give you a few tips of how to get a better nights sleep, be more productive and increase relaxation. 


Devices OFF

This one is super important to get a good nights sleep is to switch off (or move away from) any devices around an hour before bedtime. It's literally scientifically proven going on your devices before going to sleep prevents you from sleeping. Give it a try and watch yourself go into deeper better sleep. 

Skincare routine

Okay so for some people a full skincare routine might be a bit OTT, but making sure you take your makeup on and put on a bit of moisturiser is so beneficial. Not only will your skin thank you and look so much brighter and nourished, but you will also wake up feeling brighter too! theres nothing worse than waking up in last nights crusty makeup you couldn't be bothered to take off. Make your life easier and do it the night before. If you're already a pro at taking your makeup off before bed, try something different and start a full skin care regime. It will get you completely prepped for bedtime. 

Take a bath

Baths most certainly aren't for everyone but if you're struggling to unwind before bed at night and have one million thoughts going through your mind a bath could be for you. Baths create such a sense of relaxation and really help you wind down, not to mention they keep you super warm through the winter months. Try using a bubble bath/ bar to help aid sleep (I really recommend the comforter from Lush!) Give it a try and see if you get a better nights sleep. 


Night time is a great time to manifest. You're often alone, it's quiet and you can really connect with the universe. Try some affirmations just before bed. Not quite sure where to start with manifesting? Check out our manifestation for beginners blog! .

Put on something comfy and clean

There's nothing worse than getting into bed with some scratchy PJ's that are 2 sizes too small that your grandma got you 6 years ago. Head out to Primark and treat yourself to a super comfy pair you'll be excited to get into at night. That way you have something to look forward to at bedtime and you'll feel super comfy ready to drift off to sleep.

Read a book

Reading helps a lot of people with sleep at night. It's a great way to keep your mind distracted from forcing yourself to fall asleep without looking at a bright device thats going to keep you up. It can also be super relaxing reading at night. Find a genre that interests you and give it a try. It can get quite addictive once you start.

Give a few of these a go or even add one into your night time routine each night and see if you start having a better nights sleep. I can guarantee you will. 


Sweet dreams x

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